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Cargo Is Selling Products In Uber Cars

One way ride-sharing is changing retail, probably very few did see coming. Cargo is selling products in Uber vehicles. After snacks, now beauty products as well, as Elle reports: Cargo is a service within a service that allows drivers working for Uber, Lyft, Juno, and Via to offer products for sale. Riders can now snag […]

Here Are Two Ways To Deliver Meals Profitably

A little over a year ago we asked wether delivery costs for food are too high for dedicated startups. And to this day the answer to this question is still very much open. It is not that there is no conceivable theoretical end-point (high-enough density and according infrastructure) at which a dedicated company would then be […]

The New Logistics: Uber and Others Streamlining Trucking, Bulk Shipping & Freight Forwarding

In our series ‘The New Logistics’ we cover interesting developments and innovative startups that rethink logistics and delivery at every step of the way. Uber is now matching trucking companies and loads via a new mobile app. Axios: Trucking has long been a target of technology efforts to make it more efficient, ranging from providing […]

Kroger, Uber and The Tripartite Nature of Online Groceries

The supermarket giant Kroger is deploying Uber to deliver groceries. Right now, it looks like the whole industry (all of online retail, not just groceries) will become tripartite: Large online retailers / platform players like Amazon will build the whole infrastructure for themselves, including logistics (Traditional parcel services plus Amazon Flex etc.) Smaller merchants will […]

The Billion Dollar Race of Instacart and Postmates (vs. Uber and Amazon)

Both Instacart and Postmates recently raised new capital. Postmates had a hard(er) time with its latest round. Bloomberg: The co-founder and chief executive officer of Postmates Inc. was trying to pitch a food delivery business to investors, just as venture capitalists were tightening their belts and cash-burning delivery startups were falling out of favor globally. “It was a super, […]

Deliver with Amazon: How Amazon Plans to ‘Uberize’ Logistics

While the expanding Amazon Flex service is a kind of “Uber for the last mile”, Amazon is also planning the same organizational approach for the middle mile, according to Business Insider: The app, scheduled to launch next summer, is designed to make it easier for truck drivers to find shippers that need goods moved, much […]

What eBay Lost

Devin Wenig, eBay CEO since July of 2015, talked about eBay vs. Amazon at the Recode conference: It’s all about perception, Wenig said onstage at the Code Conference, and eBay isn’t just an auction site anymore. But it’s also not trying to be Amazon. “That’s why we sell $90 billion worth of stuff a year,” Wenig […]

Are Delivery Costs For Food Too High For Dedicated Startups?

Benzi Ronen, founder and CEO of Farmigo, on TechCrunch about delivery costs at food startups: Food tech is big these days — Grubhub, Blue Apron, Instacart — but pretty web design and polished communication strategies aren’t enough to build a sustainable food business. No company will provide attractive gross margins without creating and executing a […]

Like AWS for On-Demand Delivery: Uber Releases UberRUSH API

Uber launches the UberRUSH API, a “custom delivery solution” with a limited set of partners and locations: With the launch of UberRUSH in October, we set out to help local businesses improve delivery in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco through our online product and platform partners like Shopify and delivery.com. Since then, thousands of […]

Amazon’s Domination Opens Market Opportunity For Delivery Startups In The US

Jason Del Ray argues at Re/code that Amazon’s dominance and increasing investments in logistics are giving delivery startups a market opportunity in the US: To stay alive or thrive, traditional retailers are going to have to attempt to eventually match this delivery prowess, and only a handful have the logistical know-how to even come close. […]