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How Wayfair Selling the Same for Different Prices Elsewhere Points to a Future Struggle in Private Labels

It appears that Wayfair is selling the same item on several online shops, its own and others -among them also Amazon- for different prices. Outstanding piece of reporting by Quartz: After analyzing a random selection of items on Wayfair, Quartz discovered that the company often lists what appear to be identical products with different prices […]

Wayfair Achieves $3.9 Billion Over 12 Months, Showing Amazon Can’t Conquer It All

After a fantastic quarter (PDF) with growth by 46%, Wayfair managed to grow revenues over the last 12 months to $3.9 billion. The company is now gunning for $4.4 billion for the whole year: Here’s the adjusted EBITDA. The international business is still driving losses (nothing new at Wayfair): For the US, Wayfair is a […]

Fast-Growing Wayfair And Its Two-Tier Delivery Network

Wayfair as well had very good quarterly numbers. (PDF) In 2016, Wayfair made internationally $266 million. In Q1 2017, the international business grew by 150% year over year. US grew by impressive 22%. Wayfair employs over 1,400 customer service employees in the US and Europe. (Total headcount is at 5,700.) Here are some more slides […]

Wayfair Grows by 50% to $3.4 Billion in 2016, But Losses Grow Too

US based home & living online retailer Wayfair reports explosive growth. Revenues in 2016 grew by 50% to $3.38 billion. See more in the investor presentation (PDF): Wayfair’s international business is still making a lot of losses: The company believes in the European market: Overall losses amount to $194 million in 2016: Online retailers selling […]