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How Zalando Uses Mobile Notifications

Over the course of 2016 I followed Zalando’s mobile apps closely and took screenshots of the mobile notifications I got from Zalando’s mobile apps – from Zalando’s main app to Zipkart, MOVMNT and, most interesting of all, Fleek-. Why this is important: With a mobile traffic share of 67% and mobile order share of >50%, […]

Is Zalando’s ZipCart Going to be the “Delivery Hero” of Fashion?

ZipCart is Zalando’s same-day delivery app. In German metropolitan areas where ZipCart is available ordered items can sometimes be delivered within three hours and less. (The current “speed record” is 32 minutes, apparently.) The first experiment with a retailer launched a few months ago. Reuters back in March: Christoph Lange, vice president of Brand Solutions, […]


Zalando’s Same-Day-Delivery app ZipCart Expands, but Remains a Puzzle

Zalando’s same-day delivery app ZipCart just expanded. Initially available only on Android, ZipCart came to iOS a short while ago. And now the app, which was only available for Berlin, is now also available for customers in Cologne. It is still unclear why exactly ZipCart has to be a separate app instead of just being […]

Zipcart: Zalando Launches Mobile App For Same-Day Delivery In Berlin

The first new mobile app on Zalando’s new platform after Amaze is Zipcart. Zalando calls Zipcart “the fastest fashion app in town”: Items that can be bought in Zipcart get delivered free of cost at the same day or at a preferred date. For the time being Zipcart is limited to the Berlin area. Interestingly, […]