Amazon is reportedly planning to open up to 2.000 stores in the US, with Amazon Go grocery stores being one part of a mix of formats. The Wall Street Journal is speaking of “at least three formats”. The Verge: According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Amazon hopes to ultimately operate more than 2,000 grocery […]

Amazon Go

Computerworld has a few questions about Amazon Go, most of which I do have as well. On the state of technology and the problems the tech needs to solve: 2: How will it spot fast shoppers? Speaking of Amazon Go hacking, what about people who are incredibly fast at grabbing products? And how do you […]


It is not just Amazon with its new beta in-store tech app Go. Investor data firm CB Insights has gathered information on 130+ startups working on transforming the in-store experience: Funding to startups offering technologies for use in-store is rising to an all-time high this year. These technologies, ranging from store management platforms, to wearables […]

Amazon Go

What, exactly, Amazon is planning with the company’s grocery stores/pick up locations remains a mystery. Especially considering the (compared to other alternatives) high costs of rolling out those locations. The mystery just got more puzzling. Now, Amazon has rolled out the (internal) beta phase of a new app called Go that could become the center […]

Amazon vs. Alibaba

The proxy war between Alibaba and Amazon, the largest e-commerce companies in the world, is going to turn into a direct battle for the market in India. Given the sheer size of the Indian e-commerce market, it also makes a lot of sense. Why should Alibaba leave it to proxies the Chinese giant invests in […]


Zalando is re-building itself into a platform company with mobile marketplaces (Fleek, Movmnt) and several B2B integrations (Media Solutions, Collabary, direct brand integrations into Zalando’s shops, fulfillment services). As we covered a year ago, Zalando is strongly encouraging the company’s engineers to open-source their projects and is trying to create an environment for them to […]


What’s the difference between good and bad e-commerce? It’s the shopping experience, says Forerunner boss Kirsten Green. Forerunner Ventures is one of very few VCs specialising in e-commerce: An early stage venture capital firm dedicated to investing in ambitious entrepreneurs to define and dominate a new generation of commerce This year, Forerunner Ventures made headlines […]