There were two pressing questions about Walmart’s online strategy: How exactly are and going to be different from each other? How do recently acquired, vertically integrated online retailers Bonobos and Modcloth fit into Walmart’s sprawling online empire? Will they just be parts of a wide-ranging portfolio of online properties held only together by […]

And another one on the Alibaba vs. front. As we expected, Alibaba won against in their fight about which of the two fierce Chinese competitors will be investing in Tokopedia. TechCrunch: A valuation for the deal was not announced, but the companies did say that Alibaba has become a minority shareholder. […] The […]

Compare‘s Q2 numbers to Alibaba‘s. Alibaba‘s revenues jumped 56 percent to 50.1 billion yuan ($7.51 billion) (with profits nearly doubling). Meanwhile, had in Q2 2017 revenues grow 44% year-over-year (YoY) to 93.2 billion yuan ($13.7 billion). The Street on the differences between Alibaba and [Alibaba] reported 56% year-over-year growth in revenue to […]

The highlights from‘s Q2 2017 numbers: Orders rose by +41% YoY Customer accounts increased to 258.3 million (+37% YoY) Mobile orders now make up 80%, an increase of +42% YoY More at China Internet Watch: JD’s GMV for Q2 2017 increased by 46% to 234.8 billion yuan (US$34.6 billion) from 160.4 billion yuan in […]

Amazon is financing the Whole Foods acquisition with bonds. Bloomberg: Jeff Bezos has an army full of bond investors ready to back Inc.’s conquest of the supermarket industry. The world’s largest online retailer sold $16 billion of unsecured bonds in seven parts to fund its $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods Market Inc. Reuters […]

Amazon is going into more industries than any other company. It’s hard to wrap one’s head around the scope the company is gunning for. It’s hard to not underestimate the Seattle giant. Seeking Alpha looked for mentionings of Amazon in recent earnings calls: A full one-fifth of the S&P 500 constituents referenced Amazon on a […]

One way ride-sharing is changing retail, probably very few did see coming. Cargo is selling products in Uber vehicles. After snacks, now beauty products as well, as Elle reports: Cargo is a service within a service that allows drivers working for Uber, Lyft, Juno, and Via to offer products for sale. Riders can now snag […]